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I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA). I study the physics of living systems. My research is guided by the overarching question: how stochastic interactions of cells and molecules control functional behaviours in multicellular systems? To address this question, I combine physical models with information theory and stochastic inference in close collaboration with experimental collaborators. With these approaches, I investigate three research directions across physical scales from tissues to cells down to the molecular level: information processing and self-organization in development, cell migration in complex environments, and the stochastic dynamics of chromosomal DNA loci. Please refer to the research tab for more details.

At IST Austria, I work with Edouard Hannezo and Gašper Tkačik. I am also a Fellow of the NOMIS Foundation and my research is supported by an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship. I did my PhD in the group of Chase Broedersz at the Arnold-Sommerfeld-Center for Theoretical Physics at the LMU Munich on the stochastic dynamics of migrating cells, for which I received the Gustav-Hertz-Prize of the German Physical Society and the Dissertation Award of the Munich University Association. During my PhD, I was an Add-on Fellow of the Joachim Herz Foundation and my work was supported by a DFG Fellowship within the Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, which were supported by a scholarship from the German Studienstiftung. In my master's thesis, I developed hydrodynamic simulations of colloidal thermophoresis under the supervision of Erika Eiser and Daan Frenkel.


10.12.2023  My preprint in collaboration with Gašper Tkačik on the information content of self-organized developmental patterns is up on the arXiv.

16.11.2023  Our preprint on dynamic signaling and cell fate patterning in neural tube organoids is on bioRxiv. This was a collaboration with Edouard Hannezo and Anna Kicheva (IST Austria).

04.09.2023  Our review on learning dynamical models of single and collective cell migration is up on the ArXiv!

29.06.2023  Our paper on the stochastic dynamics of pairs of DNA loci and their transcriptional encounters was published in Science! This was a collaboration with the lab of Thomas Gregor (Princeton / Pasteur Institute), with experiments led by Hongtao Chen.

24.03.2023  Our paper on curvature-induced velocity waves in rotating cell spheroids has been published in Nature Communications. This paper was spearheaded by Tom Brandstätter, and in collaboration with Ming Guo (MIT), Ricard Alert (Dresden) and Chase Broedersz (VU Amsterdam).