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I'm a NOMIS Fellow at IST Austria, where I work as a postdoc with Edouard Hannezo and Gašper Tkačik on questions in developmental biology and stem cell differentiation.

Previously, I did my PhD in the group of Chase Broedersz at the Arnold-Sommerfeld-Center for Theoretical Physics at the LMU Munich.

In my research, I use a combination of data-driven inference approaches and mechanistic toy models to identify the quantitative rules governing complex biological systems. My recent work has focussed on developing theoretical frameworks for the stochastic dynamics of migrating cells. To derive such frameworks directly from experimental data, I develop methods to infer the underlying physical laws governing observed noisy experimental trajectories. I am also working on developing such data-driven frameworks for cell-to-cell variability, cell-cell interactions in collective systems, and cellular morphodynamics.

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